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for Mudgeeraba Ck at Austinville Rd, Queensland, Australia (station 540440), subscribe to this station along with 300 others.

Road floods at approx 0.3m. Normal level of creek approx. -2.00m

Alerts are changing. Instead of notifying each time the creek floods, there will be a single alert at the start of a weather event advising you to monitor this page.

Floodwatch plot for station 540440

Last reading = -1.01m - steady    (38 minutes ago at 00:53 21/01/2021) Currently the BOM data is only updated at 10 past and 40 past the hour :o(
Previous reading (52 minutes ago at 21/01/2021 00:39) = -1.01m
Average last 5 readings = -1.00m   (over last 8 hours 20 minutes)

There is a problem with calibration of the gauge because it is below the bridge. Water backs up behind the bridge and reaches the road, but below the bridge it is still relatively low and that's what the guage reads. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this except to allow a "fudge factor" which I have now done.
The Bureau of Meteorology has changed the way they display creek water levels which can be confusing if you aren't aware. The road level is 0.00m. Positive numbers e.g. 0.37m mean the water is above the road. Negative numbers e.g. -0.86m are below the road. So -0.99m is actually lower than -0.86m
Record height = 4.19m at 21:36 30/03/2017 (since 1/1/2009)   

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